Pivot Point Trading Alumni Student Testimonials

“Thanks for providing me with your Level 1 trading course for FREE! Let this be known this is not my first interaction with a trading education provider before, but I can overwhelmingly say that your knowledge and experience leaves the others for dead.”

Michael L

“You’ve given me the power and self confidence to take control of my own investment decisions, I feel completely empowered. In short, I understand when to buy and when to sell. You’ve given me structure and a trading plan which will guide my investment decisions for life.”

Steve G 

Not only have the Axioms of Stocks & Options classes been a revelation to the success of my own trading, but your teams supportive and friendly nature is hard to come by. It’s as if I’ve found a trading buddy and mentor in the process”

Joelle T

“If you haven’t signed up for the free scholarship classes yet, do so immediately. The quality of content and humility in application is a must see for traders of all disciplines. The results I’m seeing in my personal account is quite staggering and has left me wondering why I didn’t learn Technical Analysis sooner. My retirement account is looking much healthier and my appreciation to your team will never cease to end. Thank you Pivot Point.”

Annette B

“Just letting you know that I placed a trade on AAPL which you analysed in Pivot Point Pro over the weekend. As of now my return is sitting at a little over 45% on my original investment in four trading sessions. Again, I’m up another 16% on a trade I placed this Wednesday. I know I will be seeing better results in the weeks and months to come. Thank you Pivot Point Trading”.

Robert W

“I’m starting to nail my once erratic, emotional state of mind which has held back my trading results for years. Your basic money management principles and emphasis on historical trading is a fantastic tool which I endeavour to practice in the months to come.”

Allen W

“Let this be known to all, as of this month I have doubled the size of my trading account. I achieved this in 2 months. I know that the journey isn’t over yet, I must continue to find success in the months to come but it’s an unthinkable start. I’m utterly overwhelmed and thrilled with this achievement to be frank. I thought results such as my own were somewhat impossible.”

Jason S

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