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Question: How Do I Gain Access To The Members Site Where The Free Trading Content Is Held? 

Answer: You will need to sign up for a Pivot Point Trading Member’s account here Pivot Point Trading New Member Registration. We will require some basic identification information before we can process your registration. This includes your first and last name, a website specific username and password and lastly a valid email address. Now click the register button, your account will be successfully configured. Congratulation, you have now set up your Pivot Point Trading membership account.

Keep a safe and secure record of your username and password, you will need these credentials in order to continue using our online trading facility. The user login area is located in the top right hand corner of the site, once logged in you will automatically land on our “Members Welcome Page”. This page acts as a trading content portal, simply click on the corresponding course below and you will be directed to a dedicated page where our trading content is held.  If you are logged in, and want to quickly go back to the Member Welcome Page, click the “Welcome Page” in the top right corner of the site and this will re-load the trading content portal again!

Question: How Do I Purchase A Class?

Answer: We strongly recommend that you progress through the Free “Axioms of Stocks & Options Level 1” Trading Program prior to purchasing any subsequent levels. These 8 classes lay a vital foundation upon which all additional trading content is built upon. Upon completion of your Level 1 Trading Scholarship, re-take the classes as many times needed in order to ensure that you have a solid understanding of all the basic concepts taught. When the time suits, you will need to upgrade your membership account to gain access to our “Axioms of Stocks & Options Level 2” Trading Program. This can be done by clicking on the PayPal icon located down the bottom of the A1 content gateway page. Upon the completion and payment of this form, you will gain access to our Level 2 Trading Program. Please make sure to log out after payment, then log back into your membership account. You will now have access to your new product. This process has been standardised for the Level 3 trading product also.

Question: Does The Website of Pivot Point Trading Have Minimum System Requirements?

Answer: Pivot Point Trading does their best to ensure all students have the same user experience. As such, we recommend the following steps to optimise the performance of the website.

1. We recommend that you upgrade to a WebKit browser if you have not already done so.

Internet Explorer is supported, however we do recommend using a WebKit browser such as (FireFox, Chrome or Safari).

Below are the links to download each browser. You don’t need all three, just one will suffice. The choice is yours!
Google Chrome
Mozilla FireFox

If you’re set on using Internet Explorer, we recommend upgrading to the most current version that your machine can run.
Internet Explorer

2.  We also recommend upgrading your Flash Player.

Make sure you have the most up-to-date Flash running on your machine. You can check by clicking here. Remember to uncheck the McAfee box on that page before the download.

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