Student Success Advisors

Pivot Point Trading Student Advocacy Initiative: 

What is a Student Success Advisor?

For any trading specific questions which you desire guidance with, a Pivot Point Trading Student Success Advisor is your first point of contact. Advisors are embedded within our trading community and have direct responsibility for monitoring student engagement and performance, outreaching to commencing students and helping solidify key trading concepts covered in class.

We pledge a continued commitment to each and every student within our community, and strive to ensure the best possible learning experience possible. We understand that all individuals posses different learning styles and abilities, it’s our duty to work alongside you too ensure your needs are superseded along the way.

Am I Able To Seek Help & Ask Questions About Trading?

OF COURSE! If you ever find yourself unsettled or perplexed with any part of our trading content, send your coach an email at or schedule a friendly call. At our core, we are a results orientated, extended trading family! We are here to make sure you become competent, qualified and achieve trading success.

Is There A Charge For The Pivot Point Trading  Student Success Advisor Service?

This service is provided to all Pivot Point Trading students free of charge. Consider it a form of goodwill as we stay committed to helping you achieve your trading aspirations.

Is a Student Success Advisor the same as Private Coaching?  

It’s important for us to clarify this commonly asked question. It gives us an immense sense of fulfilment and satisfaction when working in conjunction with our students as they progress through our trading education. From a legal standpoint we are unable to give specific investment advice to students regarding their own personal investment decisions. If students require highly specialised and time intensive guidance, then a private session with a Pivot Point Trading Coach is an appropriate outcome for all. Generally private consults of this nature are actively asked for by interested students.



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