Stock & Option Mastery Series

Our Signature Trading Education Package

Course Description

Pivot Point Trading’s holistic approach to Stock Market Trading Education will transform you into a superior trader, a genuine master of the market.

Watch as James Farmer (Founder of Pivot Point Trading) performs his signature 18 class Mastery Analysis Workshop. Experience firsthand his revolutionary teaching style, working 100% from the chart as he explains the systematic process a professional trader walks through when trading the financial markets for profit.

Having mentored and coached thousands of students around the world, it’s evident that traders of all competencies experience the best learning results when watching the professional application of trading theory being applied to the contemporary market. With this in mind, James has created our new flagship trading course  “Stock & Option Trading Mastery Series”.

At the programs core, are vital analysis pieces needed to attain consistent high probability trade confirmations. We call this process “Steps To Trade Confirmation”. This is an extremely powerful, step by step analysis checklist which guides our students in placing profitable after profitable trades. Once learnt and mastered, students can apply this analysis process to any market, stock or ETF which they choose to trade.

Included within this Trade Mastery Series is a comprehensive Option Course. This allows Pivot Point Trading Students the flexibility of either incorporating Stock or Option trades as their preferred investment vehicle.


“You’ve given me the power and self confidence to take control of my own investment decisions, I feel completely empowered. In short, I understand when to buy and when to sell. You’ve given me structure and a trading plan which will guide my investment decisions for life”

Steve G – California USA

“Not only have the Axioms of Stocks & Options classes been a revelation to the success of my own trading, but your teams supportive and friendly nature is hard to come by. It’s as if I’ve found a trading buddy and mentor in the process”

Joelle T- Houston USA

What This Course Includes

  • Support & Resistance
  • Advanced Line Drawing
  • Working With Trading Plans
  • Moving Averages
  • Stock Order Basics
  • Money Management
  • Dow & Gap Theory
  • Reversal Chart Patterns
  • Continuation & Consolidation Chart Patterns
  • Single Line Candles
  • Multi-Line Candle Reversal Patterns
  • Oscillating Indicators
  • Trending Indicators
  • Trader Conditioning Part 1
  • Trader Conditioning Part 2
  • Pivot Point Curriculum Review

Plus Complimentary Options Trading Course!

  • Introduction to Trading Options
  • Option Pricing