Trade Navigator Software:

We are in no way affiliated with any trade software provider, nor trade brokerage house. We can however speak from personal experience having dealt with numerous providers of both!

In our humble opinion, TradeNavigator is unparalleled when critiqued against it’s counterpart providers and has fast become one of the worlds leading stock trading software platforms. Not only is it attractively affordable, but also incredibly practical and powerful at the same time. We appreciate the importance of having quality charting software when trading the stock market in a businesslike, professional manor. We not only conduct our entire educational material using this platform, but personally rely on the same platform when making our very own trading decisions.

In Order To Use The Software You Will Need The Following:

  1. Software Installation Download Trade Navigator 
  2. Account with Genesis Financial
  3. Data service Package (Provided By Genesis)

 Once Installed:

  1. CLOSE and EXIT out of Trade Navigator. This is imperative before you complete the following steps!
  2. Download the following Pivot Point Template file.Pivot Point Trading Templates (The contents of this file are tailored to accommodate our own trading style which is taught to our students)
  3. Save this file in a safe location, a place you can easily navigate to in the future
  4. Open the file and paste the contents into the following folder location. Local Disk (C:) Genesis<Navigator Suite<Charts< Templates
  5. Close the window and now Reopen Your Trade Navigator Software
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