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Need a hand beginning your Trading Career?

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Course Description

Need a hand beginning your Trading Career? Watch how Technical Trading is professionally applied to the financial markets for immediate profit.

Experience the first four classes of our Stock & Options Trade Mastery Series in this special Scholarship Series today.

Join a world first revolution in teaching students how to trade financial markets as James Farmer (Founder of Pivot Point Trading) teaches this educational workshop using only the charts of financial markets and stocks. Like an artist, watch years of experience, wisdom and skill as he privately walks you through the application of conventional trading content with his signature trading twist.

Having taught thousands of student around the world, James understands that students excel and learn most effectively when they are able to watch him perform his mastery craft, unscripted completely in the raw. This scholarship initiative is a 100% hands on educational workshop and practical application of content using real world, real trade examples leaving you with the foundations of eventual greatness.


“If you haven’t signed up for the free scholarship classes yet, do so immediately. The quality of content and humility in application is a must see for traders of all disciplines. The results I’m seeing in my personal account is quite staggering and has left me wondering why I didn’t learn Technical Analysis sooner”

Annette B – New York, USA 

What This Course Includes

  • Support & Resistance Drawing
  • Advanced Line Drawing
  • Working With Trading Plans
  • Moving Average Trading Strategy