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Here at Pivot Point Trading, we cordially invite you to personally experience our premier online stock market trading education. Accessed and viewed online by over 10,000 global traders, we have revolutionized the way in which online stock market trading education is taught to a global student base.

Our stock market education is designed to be as practical as possible, often including real word – real time market analysis and case study examples. Taught by the Founder of Pivot Point Trading and master trader James Farmer, we guarantee your time spent learning our online stock market education will be the best investment you make in yourself as a trader.

Our online stock market trading education has evolved with the changes in dynamics of the global financial markets; now in it’s revised 7th edition. Here at Pivot Point Trading we stand proudly behind our online stock trading education, offering the best possible educational experience with the highest guarantee of quality at the fairest possible price.

Become a Rock Star Trader. Experience Our Flagship Online Stock Market Trading Education with Pivot Point Trading

Upon completion of our signature online stock market trading education, Pivot Point Trading guarantees you a Mastery level Technical Analyst. Using only the best technical trading analysis tools and techniques, you will be ingrained with an intuitive understanding of how to determine future stock price movements using charts, and how to capitalize on their ensuing moves.

Beginning with comprehensive teachings on Support and Resistance, a tradable structure will begin to form from the onset of your time with Pivot Point Trading. Our signature online stock market trading education then progresses further into foundational concepts including both Trend Line and Fan Line recognition and subsequent stock trading strategies.
Once we form a formidable understanding of stock market structure, our online stock market trading education then advances further into trend analysis verse sideways moving markets. Here at Pivot Point Trading and with our online stock market trading education, we understand the importance of both trader psychology and chart sentiment. This is extremely vital when applied to the two counterpart market scenarios. We then move an additional step further into the correct understanding and application of Exponential and Simple Moving Averages and the immediate effect they have on stock market prices.

Pivot Point Trading then begins to integrate Chart Pattern recognition into our online stock market trading education. We conveniently summarize the different Chart Pattern types into Continuation, Reversal and Consolidation patterns. This has been proven to help our global online student base anticipate and trade future stock price movements easily and to the highest possible degree of success.

Pivot Point Trading has established itself as a global leader when it comes to online stock market trading education. Our online education continues deeper into the finer details of technical trading, which is all too often forgotten by inferior stock market educational providers. Candlestick recognition and sentiment understanding is conveyed to our online through a series of detailed 90 minute classes. We effectively summarize these patterns into Continuation, Consolidation and Reversal type patterns similar to Chart Pattern recognition. We often hear from our online students that this topic of study in our online stock market trading course is the most informative, interesting and often times the final piece which completes their stock trading puzzle!

Our online stock market education then advances into general indicator analysis, settings and the stock market application. Our online global student base are always surprised when they find out how little they need rely on indicators in order to trade the stock market for consistent profit once they progress through our online stock market education!

This helps transition our traders into the penultimate topic: psychology of stock market trading and the importance of limiting our emotional decision making tendencies. During this discussion we announce the discovery of our bi-directional trading plans and our advanced secret weapon when it comes to order placement through your dedicated brokerage firm! Here at Pivot Point Trading, we ensure we tick every box when it comes to all of our online stock market education material, that’s our personal guarantee to you.

The capstone of our premier online stock market education is not to be skipped. We include a detailed discussion on the importance of sound money management guidelines for you to follow and respect when trading the stock market professionally for consistent profit. This discussion is so pertinent to successful online stock market trading that we dedicate a full 90-minute session to the topic.

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We look forward to helping you achieve financial freedom through our globally respected and recognized online stock market education program here at Pivot Point Trading.