Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do you teach students if you’re a successful trader?

Answer: The idea of creating a global movement excites us here at Pivot Point Trading. The positive impact we have brought, and continue to bring to thousands of traders around the world is all the motivation we need to continue with our creative purpose. Yes, trading is incredibly profitable and wildly rewarding but it can also be a lonely journey. Why not share what we do with people who want to learn? The stock market offers opportunity in abundance to active market participants who understand how to recognise it – it’s our purpose to share that knowledge.

Question: I’ve found trading the stock market difficult to master, Is it really that hard?

Answer: Stock market educational providers are generally sincere, but sincerely wrong to a high degree at the same time. We trade our own accounts the same way we teach our students 100% guaranteed. Our education is inherently simple when broken down into smaller components which makes learning to trade fun and easy. Each piece of the “trade analysis puzzle” is carefully constructed so that students learn on an informed basis. From the onset and throughout, our trading education places the students needs at it’s core ensuring a thorough understanding of the principles needed to become consistently profitable in the marketplace.

Question: As a prospective stock market student, what can you guarantee me?

Answer: Here at Pivot Point Trading, we guarantee each and every student the same outcome. This is, you will be able to proficiently and accurately analyse and trade any financial market, stock or ETF which you desire around the world. Technical Analysis and Technical Trading can be applied to any financial product which is chartable. Because we teach students how to “chart”, they have the flexibility to apply this to anything which they please. This gives our students the incredible power and confidence to trade the market of their choice, no matter where they reside in the world. We also guarantee unparalleled value for money. The benefits attained from successfully completing our material will exponentially exceed the small cost to participate in the course.

Question: How much do I need to start trading today?

 Answer: Start small. It doesn’t matter how much you have, it’s how well you apply the content which does! Trading results will come naturally and your account will begin to grow in due time. While you learn we encourage all students to place virtual trades only. Experiencing short term setbacks is normal when learning any new skill, trading is no different so don’t be foolish.When your comfortable with the content and you have progressed through the education, baby step into small trades to begin with. As your confidence grows, step into larger positions. It’s best to keep realistic expectations as you learn, we understand how appealing trading can be for anyone at any given time. Having worked with thousands of traders, we have found those who focus solely on the education outperform their counterparts trying to juggle active trading and learning concurrently.

Question: How long until I can quit my Job ?

Answer: If you’re dissatisfied with your current job you can always tender resignation effective immediately! Unfortunately, the reality of the situation dictates that the majority are dependant upon that next paycheque “coming in”. That’s okay though, we have all been there at some stage in our lives but you don’t have to remain there forever! Please don’t entertain this thought whilst embarking on completing your formal trading education. Has anyone learnt to walk without falling? Learnt to speak a second language fluently without first stuttering? No. This simple analogy is no different when applied to the world of successful stock market trading.

It takes time to learn how to be a good trader, and certainly you need more than a few days to not just learn how to trade correctly, but practice, implement, and prove to yourself that you can effectively trade. Our flagship course is a 1-2 month program, and upon completion the majority revisit the content multiple times again. Some students begin trading successfully within 3 months whilst others take closer to a year. The learning curve is different for everyone, as such in no way can we promise or guarantee how soon you will become a profitable trader.

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